Overview Of Hengmada CX In 2018

The price of Mazda CX-9 provides a huge value proposition for drivers. However, one aspect that some people ignore is the number of active safety features of cars so that we can drive. In fact, many automobile manufacturers now install active safety devices in their vehicles. These systems are more and more advanced in technology and easy to use. This document will detail the active safety features of Hengmada CX-9 in 2018 and help you make a wise purchase decision.

Active radar cruise control

In other cars, it is often called adaptive cruise control, which is a system that connects radar based sensors and cameras together to help maintain a safe speed. The system can calculate the cruising speed according to the vehicle in front, and easily maintain a safe distance. The minimum running speed is 30 kilometers per hour, which is best used on open roads and highways. This system is not very useful in dense fog or heavy rain, as it may affect the way the sensor works.

Automatic Cascading(AEB)

All Hyundai cars considered for purchase are equipped with AEB as standard. This is a very useful active safety function, which should be used by any driver. In essence, the system based on radar or camera will judge the speed between moving vehicles and automatically apply the brake when the driver does not respond quickly. There are four main types of typical AEB systems:

Low speed: it detects other vehicles in front of the vehicle in the city to prevent low-speed collision.

Expressway speed: it scans 200 meters ahead to reduce or prevent collisions at higher speeds.

Pedestrian braking system: as the name implies, the system automatically brakes after detecting the presence of pedestrians and cyclists to avoid collision with them.

Reverse AEB: The AEB reverses at a lower speed to avoid hitting people or obstacles.

Advanced blind monitoring

This is a radar based detection system that will continuously monitor blind areas. It will detect that a car is approaching your shoulder, and then the display lamp will warn you of approaching. A more advanced system of CX-9 will even warn drivers if the lane attempts to change the path of vehicles entering the blind area. In fact, in many more advanced cars, this unsafe operation will be completely prevented. In the future, with the further advancement of this system, the detection distance may increase, which will provide more choices for drivers to avoid collisions.