New Puzo 5008 SUV: Quick Inspection

New Puzo 5008 SUV: Quick Inspection

The new Puzo 5008 SUV is full of value, but many drivers doubt whether the GT upgrade is worth it. This series has a simple three-tier model option, with the 2018 Puzo 5008 GT at the top of the series. For the latest version, I think this is an opportunity to review the 8008 GT in more detail so that customers can make more informed decisions.

Status quo of SUV market segment

The Australian SUV sales market is highly competitive, but it is not a really commendable stage for us. In this regard alone, the 5008 GT has been highly praised by the automotive media and insiders in the automotive industry. Technically, the 5008 is a large SUV, but it seems to span the large and medium-sized markets. From many angles, this style is very attractive, and its quality is higher than any other competitor. The price of this car is reasonable. It is equipped with a series of excellent equipment as standard, which is cost-effective.

5008 Equipment grade

There is a long list of standard equipment, including some highlights of automatic emergency braking(AEB), including seats, automatic headlights, adaptive cruise control with stop and forward functions, 360 degree camera system, lane departure warning, dual zone climate control with rear vents, and front and rear parking sensors; touch screen, 3D navigation, digital radio, voice recognition function, six airbags(including three rows of curtains), mobile phone image, support for Android automatic and Apple computer display, wireless induction smartphone charging.


In addition to the above equipment, GT retrofit also adds other advantages, such as Alcantara control panel, door plug-in, electric driver’s seat with built-in massage function, heated front seats, chrome plated rear-view mirror shell, wheel arch extension and 19 inch seat. Alloy wheels. The GT is also equipped with a 2.0L turbo diesel engine capable of delivering 140 kW of power and 400 W of torque. The power plant is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission that claims a compound fuel cost of 4.8L/100km.

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