Do You Really Need Regular Car Service?

Do You Really Need Regular Car Service?

Many drivers ask this question; the main reason for skipping car service is to save some money. But this is a short-term way of thinking, which can save some money, but in the medium and long term, the cost may be higher. Modern new cars can be used for about 3 years before maintenance is required, but even if the mileage of each car is low, regular maintenance is also required. Let’s see why regular car service is important for barrier free and safe driving.

Why do cars need maintenance?

If you are already considering Perth’s car service, you may have some concerns about your car’s performance. Regular car maintenance is the only real way to confirm whether your vehicle is still operating normally. Maybe your water level is low or your oil hasn’t changed for a while. This will affect the performance of your car. If the vehicle is not well maintained, the performance will be affected, the components will fail prematurely, and the vehicle safety on the road will also be reduced. Drivers may begin to notice strange sounds, strange behaviors, and a large number of warnings scattered on the dashboard. If these problems are ignored, they will get worse over time and may take longer rather than earlier to solve.

How does your car benefit from regular maintenance?

A car is a complicated machine. It has electronic, electrical and mechanical moving parts that need to work in coordination. If one or more of these components fail, other components in the vehicle may have a chain reaction. However, regular maintenance can be found before many minor problems develop into broader problems. Small problems are usually easier and cheaper to solve, and regular repair also has great benefits. The well maintained car handles better, the braking performance is improved, the engine runs smoothly, and the fuel efficiency is improved.

In particular, regular maintenance will protect the value of future cars. If you can provide a complete service record when selling your car, it will be easier to sell, and you will be more likely to find buyers who match your price. Regular maintenance shows potential buyers that you take good care of your car, which will increase their confidence in buying your car.

How to maintain the car?

The car maintenance you need will depend on the maintenance interval and the driving distance of the car since the last maintenance. The vehicle shall be serviced at least once every 1 year or 10-12k miles, whichever comes first.