Brief Review Of Mazda 2 In 2018

Brief Review Of Mazda 2 In 2018

Mazda 2 Neo has been on the market for some time, and now it is time to reflect after using it for a long time. Due to the extra boot space, Mazda 2 sedan is more practical than the cabin door. However, many drivers may want to know whether the entry-level Neo meets the characteristics and values of this series. Let’s take a closer look at what Mazda 2 Neo sedan can provide to buyers who pay attention to low prices.


For vehicles with this feature set, the pricing is very competitive. The boot space is quite large for a car. Of course, it’s bigger than his cabin stable. The appearance is fashionable and clean, Mazda has taken measures to improve the road noise level. Some drivers may not like the lack of infotainment systems. The rear seat area is very basic in terms of comfort.

intensive study

In 2018, the price of Hengmada 2 Neo car is the same as the model of the hatch, but the trunk area is larger, so it is more practical. The entry-level model is a naturally aspirated 1.5L gasoline engine, which is matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The proposed fuel economy is 5.5 liters/100 km. Automatic Emergency Braking(AEB) and rear parking sensors have been added in recent updates. If you are upgrading, you can use optional equipment such as satellite navigation, front parking sensors and rear cameras. As Mazda, it is not surprising that the ANCAP safety level of Neo sedan is 5 stars.

In the guest room

As we mentioned, this entry-level model does not have a MZD touch screen. Instead, you can see a small black and white display screen, which shows the adjustment and time of the current TV station. If you want entertainment, you must choose the next one in the series. This is the marda 2 max sedan. There is no central handle, but the price is moderate. There is a manual brake, no closed storage box, and a manual air conditioning/radiator device. At this price point, a good choice is the partition that can accommodate the mobile phone and USB, AUX and 12v interfaces.

Aesthetic attraction

The fashionable design can be said to be a mixture of intelligence and loveliness. The wheel cover is functional, but it is also an acquired hobby. It can be seen that many drivers replace the market cover after sales. If you want better wheels, 2 Maxx cars with motors and hatching are your favorite models. The interior decoration level is basic, with a lot of plastic and hard rubber. These materials are well combined, so the construction quality is good, but there should be no mistakes in the trim level of the entry-level model.