Brand Nomberg And Rosenbaum Is A Limited Liability Partnership; New York City Automobile Accident Lawyer

Brand Nomberg And Rosenbaum Is A Limited Liability Partnership; New York City Automobile Accident Lawyer

Brett J. Nomberg and his partner Steven E. Rosenbaum are Brand Brand Nomberg& rosenbaum, LLP(BBNR), they are making continuous efforts to protect the rights of accident victims in New York State every day.

New York, NY – March 12, 2018 – Brand Nomberg& rosenbaum Law Firm(LLP) is composed of enthusiastic and dedicated lawyers who are legal experts and provide excellent advice to all those who may be involved in New York traffic accidents or have opportunities in the future.

The most prominent cause of injury related deaths in New York State is automobile accidents. In New York, on average, more than 1000 people die from traffic accidents every year, and more than 12000 civilians are hospitalized due to traffic accidents. With these shocking statistics, when you find yourself or your spouse is one of these figures, know that someone is paying attention to your best interests.

If you or an acquaintance has just had an accident, BBNR law urges you to always call the police first, call an ambulance as needed, and deal with any injury you or other drivers/passengers may suffer. After the first call, you must continue to obtain all necessary information from other drivers, such as the driver’s name and address, car brand and model, license plate number, insurance and registration information. BBNR also urges customers to obtain all contact information of accident witnesses at all times in case the court needs to testify. In addition to obtaining written information about the accident, you should also take some photos to show the location of the accident, any damage to all related vehicles, and any injuries you may suffer as a result. Finally, you must immediately contact a lawyer in New York who specializes in car accidents to ensure that all your rights are protected. Brand Brand Nomberg and Rosenbaum(LLP) have an excellent success rate in dealing with automobile accidents in New York City on behalf of customers, and are ready to go all out to defend customers.

Brand Nomberg and Rosenbaum and LLP(BBNR) have served New York citizens for more than 40 years, especially the losses caused by medical accidents or automobile accidents.