3 Top Nissan X

3 Top Nissan X

Nissan SUV is an excellent SUV, which can be used inside and outside the city within a week. Of course, one of the main reasons why this SUV is so popular is that it can have fun adventures on weekends or holidays. For many adventurers, the popular activity is to travel on soft roads on the beach and on the beach around the beach. Many. There are three best technologies for driving on the beach, allowing our customers to maximize the use of Nissan X-Trail.

1. Tyre pressure is very important

When you run on the beach, The tire pressure can be said to be the most important factor. This will determine the success of the terrain negotiation. The pressure setting should consider the specific model. The weight and the size of the tire in use will be different. Please remember that the sand always moves under the tire, so the terrain characteristics are very different. Close to the price. When the sand becomes hard, the sand will become harder, driving on sand dunes, and it is really very soft. Although testing may be required, according to experience, the tire pressure can be set at the 20psi mark. Although it can be reduced, if it is less than 16 pounds per square inch, the chances of the tire completely rolling off the wheel edge will increase. General road surface Before returning, remember to restore the tire to a safe pressure.

  1. Shovel is not selectable

When you drive on the beach, you will be selected sooner or later, which happens to the best off-road drivers. There is nothing shameful. And this is a common price to pay for driving on the beach; don’t try to get rid of it. Because it will only make you deeper. You can try reversing. With luck, the tires can form a slope on the sand and work. If you are really in trouble, you must take out your shovel to dig out the road. Dig a shallow slope, slowly, slowly, and you will escape.

  1. Using some traction aids

If you are really stuck on the beach, all off-road repair kits should include traction aids. Once you dig a slope with a shovel, You can put these traction aids in front of the wheels to provide you with much-needed help. They must negotiate at a gentle and even acceleration in order to leave the safe parking point and move forward. Then you can repair the traction aids and shovels to avoid being stuck again later.

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