2019 Masda CX Introduction

2019 Masda CX Introduction

The price of Mazda CX-3 provides fantastic value suggestions for the launch of new version of popular models in 2019. Masdar knows their market and they have the secret of success in Australia. Therefore, although there are no large-scale changes that need to be reported, this small SUV still has many options. Check out the latest Massenda CX-3 carefully and make a wise purchase after arriving at the showroom at the end of this year.


although there is no dramatic change, subtle and gradual improvement has been made. You can still enjoy the striking style. The reversing camera is the standard function of all models at present. According to different models, there are many models and engines available. Some drivers may not like the road noise that needs to be improved, and there is still no smartphone image.

Trickle technique

In recent years, Mastar has taken significant measures to democratize technology and further popularize it to the entire stables. All new technologies or safety equipment are provided in the whole scope. Now, there is no real problem in itself. Every driver likes to get the latest kit, but it can make a series of cars look the same.

The updated Masda CX-3 is not a new model, but an intermediate model, so it is affected by this phenomenon to some extent. Therefore, it is not so much a great transformation that has a great impact as a more subtle thing that needs careful study. New grill shards, new LED tail lights and advanced series of new alloy wheels and many other new features. But you will miss these changes in the blink of an eye, even more subtle changes.

SkyActiv engine

Mazda CX-3 SkyActiv gasoline engine has been adjusted to output 110 kW power and 195 kW torque. Although the change is small, the mechanical friction and thermal management characteristics are reduced. Under the hood, there is a new piston profile, a new milk powder unit, and a series of different changes that most of us will not notice. Masdar said that these changes are intended to increase available torque and reduce particulate emissions throughout the rev range.

There are also turbo diesel power stations that are likely to account for only 1% of Australia’s sales. The engine has been increased from 1.5L to 1.8L, with new power of 85kW and available torque of 270km. The new high-speed multi-stage fuel injection system and other changes will reduce noise pollution and fuel consumption.