11 Ultimate Guide To Automobile Repair And Maintenance Technology

11 Ultimate Guide To Automobile Repair And Maintenance Technology

Maintaining a car is a very important step that every car owner must follow. It is to improve the service life of the car and keep it fresh. Please always follow the maintenance plan and do not neglect or delay the maintenance plan. In this way, the car can always maintain the best performance.

Preventive maintenance is the best way to carry out preventive maintenance to prolong the life of the car and reduce the maintenance cost. You can tell when to change the engine oil, check the tire pressure, check, etc. Preventive maintenance cannot be ignored. You can get the best guidance in the owner’s manual. However, we provide some car maintenance tips to help you plan your trip.

Following the regular maintenance procedure will help extend the service life of the car, maintain the best performance of the car, and save a lot of maintenance costs. Here are 10 basic car maintenance and repair tips.

Driving with caution

Do not accelerate the engine when starting. Because it will soon increase the wear of the car engine. Accelerate slowly while driving. Shift to neutral when the red light is on, so that the engine can rest. You can get a longer repair interval for your car.

Wash the car once a week.

Please clean the car, bright and corrosion free. Remember to clean the interior of the car as well. Dirt particles are abrasive, Spilled liquids(such as water rudder water and juice) are corrosive. Clean the car interior with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the lenses on the dashboard with a soft water cloth. Take out your mattress and wipe them with a brush or hose. This will remove dirt. Otherwise, dirt accumulation will cause the mat to wear. Wipe the mat in the sun before putting it back into the car.

Waxing your car, too

Regularly waxing the car can delay oxidation, prevent bird droppings and pollution, and protect the paint work of the car. It also adds extra luster, making the car look good.

Park the car in the shade

Parking the car in the shade can prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the car interior and protect the car painting operation. If there is no shadow area, you can use the car sun shade curtain to minimize the impact of sunlight.

Change the oil and filter regularly

Today, many owners’ manuals recommend increasing the oil change interval, but it is still necessary to change the oil frequently. Especially when repairing used cars. If the engine oil is changed frequently, wear dirt and metal particles will splash out from the engine, extending the service life. The old filter contains accumulated oil and dirt particles, so please replace the oil filter. Otherwise, these particles will be left and mixed with new clean oil.

With tire

Regularly check the tire pressure and inflate to the recommended pressure specified in the user manual. Another thing to note is uneven wear. If the tire pressure remains correct, uneven wear may indicate that the wheels are being readjusted. Uneven wear indicates worn brakes or shock absorbers, bent wheels, or damaged inside tires.

In addition, check the wheel position every 50000 km. Improper wheel alignment can shorten tire life and cause rotation problems. See if your direction is harder than usual, or if your car is beside you. If so, the position of the control panel must be checked.

Clean the car engine.

Clean the engine at least once a year. A clean engine works colder than a dirty engine. A clean engine can also easily detect leaks and repair parts. The engine can be cleaned with special steam or by yourself. In this case, sensitive engine components such as air intakes, distributors, electrical components, etc. must be protected with plastic bags before starting. You can use degreasing lotion and a hard brush to wipe the shampoo motor. Clean it after finishing.

Replace plug

Many manufacturers recommend replacing plugs every 50000 km. This ensures good fuel distance and high engine performance.

Maintain car battery

Whether or not the manufacturer claims that the battery is maintenance free, the vehicle battery must be checked regularly to extend its life. Start by keeping the battery terminals clean. If necessary, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and some detergent. At the same time, check the battery box for any damage. Cracks or protrusions are a sign that car batteries need to be replaced.

Choose a reliable auto insurance company.

No matter how careful you are, accidents or losses are inevitable. In this case, a reliable auto insurance company is needed. Please select an auto insurance company. This insurance company can only replace the damaged parts of the original parts provided by the manufacturer, and provide you with a maintenance guarantee.