Introduction To 2019 Subaru Forest Review

Introduction To 2019 Subaru Forest Review

The price of Subaru Forrester represents the excellent value proposition of drivers who want an excellent SUV and provide additional services. This model looks like the Forester to be launched soon, which is not entirely surprising considering its popularity among Australian SUV consumers. But in order to remain competitive, automakers must continue to make progress. So, is the change in Subaru enough to attract potential buyers? let me have a look.

Quick overview

As people expect from Subaru, we have rich safety functions on the car, and more safety functions prove the five-star safety level of ANCAP. In addition, as Subaru, we have a tested front wheel drive system. The opening of the passenger door is very wide. The four cylinder gasoline engine is very fuel efficient at a combined speed of 7.4 L/100km. Some people may not like the three-year warranty and the 12500 km service interval.

Subaru Global Platform

The 2019 Subaru Forest is supported by the Subaru global platform for the first time. At first glance, these changes are subtle, but once you are familiar with the upcoming models, they will appear. The main advantage of using this platform is that a wider range of configurations can be used, but the same powertrain can still be used. This is not particularly obvious to buyers, but it actually provides us with safer and larger forests. The old turbo gasoline and diesel engines have now officially disappeared, replaced by naturally aspirated powertrain.

Research on new forest design

although the price of the new Forester series has increased, it is fair to say that Subaru has made great progress in terms of specifications and design. In the previous part, we found that the C-type LED peripheral lights and LED headlights are distributed in the whole line. Better model designation uses matrix LED lighting groups. The engine hood and front guard are now made of alloy, so as not to affect the strength and reduce the weight. Unlike the bottom fog lamp group, the tail lamp currently uses a C-shaped circular design and LED group. Both 2.5i and 2.5i-L are 17 inches long. Alloy rollers, 2.5i Premium and 2.5i-S are equipped with 18 inch rollers. Alloy wheels with large brake rotors.

This is a larger Forester with a current length of 4625 mm(increased by 15 mm), a width of 1815 mm(increased by 20 mm), and a wheelbase of 2770 mm(increased by 30 mm). Considering the larger size, you may think that the new Forester is difficult to operate. In fact, the turning distance is only 10.8 meters, which is impressive for all wheel drive SUVs.